Author Topic: [Important] Listing your mod on ModDB  (Read 4057 times)


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[Important] Listing your mod on ModDB
« on: November 18, 2010, 09:49:46 AM »
Our ModDB profile lies here:
You may notice that our game has a Mods tab, this is where Mods will be listed on our profile.  Should you want to post your Mod on ModDB for greater exposure and for another free, reliable, download mirror, there are some things to keep in mind to keep things working smoothly:

(Getting started) To create a Mod for Star Ruler on ModDB/IndieDB, go to our game's listing ( and then click on the Mods tab near the top of the game's section of the page.   This will bring you to the Mods tab.  Underneath the header you'll find that Expanded Universe is listed; above it, there should be a boxed + icon and a boxed list icon.  Hover over and click on the + icon to start the process of adding your game.  You'll need an icon, a header image, and some other things before the game can be listed.

(1) Whilst creating a Mod on ModDB you'll notice there's a Developer drop-down box.  Do not select us as the developers or it'll relinquish your control over the Mod and give it over to us.  As we can't keep your Mods up to date nearly as easily or as well as you can, we'd prefer it if you were the developers of your own Mods.

(2) It will take some time for an admin to authorize your mod.  Upload some images of what your Mod does if possible and if your Mod isn't easily represented in picture-format, then take pictures of gameplay while you have it on; demonstrate what your mod does.  These images and the download of your mod (if you've got a download ready) will speed your Mod to be authorized immediately.  Most Mods take from 4 to 24 hours to get authorization.

(3) If you encounter any problems with being unable to control your Mod or add things to it, wait for the authorization to complete.  Once authorization has completed and you're still unable to add/change/remove things on your Mod's page listing, please contact us immediately and we'll see if it's something we need to look at or that ModDB's staff will have to help you with.

Warning: ModDB does require there to be some progress on your Mod before it can be listed on ModDB.  Concept art, etc. is an acceptable stage of development, but you have to show it off somehow.  The more complete the Mod is, the more likely it is to be listable -- if your Mod (even if barebones) can be loaded into and played in Star Ruler, you're likely ready for listing.

Adding stuff to your Mod:  To add things to your Mod, just click on the greyed-out categories in its listing. (News,Features, etc.) and while in there, click on the appropriate 'make new' button/link in that category's screen to add new content.
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