Author Topic: Coloniser and/or Governor customisation  (Read 598 times)


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Coloniser and/or Governor customisation
« on: December 20, 2011, 07:53:13 PM »
I'll just get to the point:

-I would like to be able to edit governors much like ship designs.
 Say, for example, I select the "Economic World" governor for a ringworld.
 Ringworlds have no ore, yet the governor will build metal mining complexes.
 Thus I was looking to make something along the lines of a "Mineless Economic world"..
 It builds everything an Economic world builds,except metal mining comlexes.

-And then there's the "Default governor" feature in empire management
 I think the "Automatic" option should be customisable,
 IE, I started a game with lvl 30 in all researches already unlocked, I don't want no more research worlds,
 No matter what the planetary conditions of my new colony are.
 And setting the governors manually (let alone govern the planets manually),
 gets really tedious when you have something like 50 systems colonised

-I would also love to be able to customise the coloniser subsystem.
 By that, I mean being able to set what buildings it places on a planet to colonise.

-Bonus suggestion:
 When ordering ships to atack other ships,
 I'd love to be able to just drag a box around the enemy fleet,
 much like in the homeworld game series

Thank you for reading, I hope at least some of this is'nt too much to ask.