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Ship sets
« on: December 28, 2011, 02:51:55 PM »
It seems there is alot of interest in making ship sets in the modding forums. Myself being one. Is there a way to combine the topics for ship set building into its own sub category? The reason I ask  is that I am in the process of modelling a ship set, I started about 3 weeks ago, I'm coming along fine but am totally illiterate when it comes to computer 'stuff'. I search the topics and have gotten great info in multiple posts' but they are scattered on this topic. I'm older than most I think because COBALT was the up and coming computer language when I last played around on computers. I have lots of questions, and most of the answers I believe can be found here, but I don't like to post subjects that have already been up and answered. I am at a point in my ships that I want to put one in-game and see how it looks before I post it.