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Humble suggestion from a n00b
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:40:46 PM »
I only recently discovered SR and have played it any spare hour I can get. It's got the bones of everything I've ever wanted in a game: sprawling galaxy, cool tech, colonisation and above all an appreciation of micro/macro-managing balance.

I've been reading a lot of the forum posts and just wanted to add a suggestion for something I would love to see in SR2. I like using governors, particularly how you can change them from one type to another and balance your empire without having to change the buildings on planets themselves. But often I find I want to order all planets in a group to build a certain structure but because the governor has filled all the slots I have to manually go through them all, turn them off, delete a structure, make a structure, go to the next planet etc. This was particularly frustrating in a game I played earlier. I'd got to the end game and thought it would be cool to make a "supersystem" by moving all of my planets into my original home system (some 50 in total, it was a small map). If there was an ability to group select and order all to build a planetary thruster that could have been done in no time but it took me ages!

Other examples include wanting it to be standard practice for governors to build a planetary shield and weapons when it seems like a war isn't going to well and an invasion is imminent.

Anyho, really looking forward to playing SR some more and seeing SR 2 develop :)
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