Author Topic: Suggestions by Grandor Hopefully for ultimate fun game  (Read 548 times)


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Suggestions by Grandor Hopefully for ultimate fun game
« on: July 31, 2014, 02:28:17 PM »
Hi, o know that game isnt complete so pls dont take it offensive or somethink like that. Game is Pretty Good. Thx for creating

Possible some automatization by own preset option(in another topic )
Trading with other race.
Some possible situation duplicate resources on same planet?for export (influ, power)
I heard somethink that people must chose what colonizated for what way they want play. Sry i feel it u need colozated all for income!or leveling home planet(if have water and food)   i mostly play smaller galaxies under 60 planets

Feel as political Empire streng.
One of the best think in game :)
But i think thats can be preset option for automation buying of set exactly card and his inf.price and if want pay extra influ. if someone want it too
-if two player set same price same card? simple another preset how much u want for increased price(preset how much overbuy) or Random given to one.
Speaking about OVERBUYING cards possible
f.e. Someone buy cultivation..but i want it too So much so buy it too for +10-50procent more influ.(get that player who buy it first??? :D )

I just had bad feeling that income or just empire cant grow without new planet :( (expect a litte research and some powers). IN SR1 it was so great by research or station with eco load.
I admit i play several games and dont see potencial in orbital probable maybe my bad :)
This make me so sad :( about game :) that no relative posiibility of increasing eco over time with same number of planets

Some economic using expect creating mines on asteroids?
If no work building order some bonuses for empire?

I think that is some streng or power of industry empire. excess by energy by special resources with possible create somethink big and strong. AS a PLAN, for completing need the production of planets.
Pls make some Empire power for planet which are reusuable for every time if have power even with big price of power. Capacity planet(building super-city, new pressure, new material, new planet, Special PROJECT(starting)(below),terraforming(i know it is now posible),new trait planet+ship, Orbital metal plnaets, Orbital free maintenca mega farm, Super cannon, telescope(i think thas is better to build than find in space),banks(or building)(increace income over time)

F.e. with Research (new section power posibility)

strange feel about it :( in SR1 is SUPER

Ship design:
strange feel about it :( why make it more simplicity. if somone dont want do that just create some preset ship for every one who doesnt want spend many learning abou ship desiging.In SR1 is SUPER :D sry :)
Initianet by Power or Influence and created by labor force. Not based as ships. For example Ringworld. Space mega farm. Sun consumin energy generator etc etc  :D

Possible:Set overall or selected planets to production center. f.e. Home planet with incoming labor from another planet(if have), same with building defense with selectink which planet u wanted to do it(or just where bcs it is created where is labor). Simple one centrum for creating from set place using power from distant homeworld ane anothe world(planet)

Possibility set Which system u want barricade by pressure of defence even set multiple of them...For no needed looking for system which that have! :)

Sry for my english... Grandor
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