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Resource Interface Question
« on: August 30, 2014, 02:54:53 PM »
Can someone explane what i see there?

ok. some of that i understand.

Rare metal's planet feeded by Fruit (+20% to Pressure) so i get 4 reseach pressure instead of 3. I see description (Pressure), value (+20%), main resource (Rare metal) and small modifier resource (fruit at down-right). Its seems understandable to me.

Same here. Plastic's planet feeded by fish and has an increased by 30% lifetime. Plastics not a temporary resource, havent lifetime so bonus useless with that type of resource, but seems all understandable.

Simple. Aluminium have modifier to pressure cap so i see it.

But futher i do not understand:

Planet have 2 Grain resource (+1 overpopulation) so bonus (+2 overpopulation) seems correct, but why there are 2 Meat on picture? Meat have not any bonuses to overpopulation and planet have only 1 Meat?

There worse:

Building Maintenance. Given by Meat. But how Degenerate Matter affected by? Degenerate Matter have not any bonuses except pressure. Yes, degenerate matter's planet feeded by another meat, but how it affect that? or bonuses spread to all resource chain till the end? i dont get it.

Can someone explain? Thx

p.s. english is not my native lang...