Author Topic: First impressions ... GREAT!  (Read 681 times)


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First impressions ... GREAT!
« on: February 02, 2015, 02:15:52 AM »
I played a couple of hour of the game and I am very impressed.
I played most, nearly all of the 4X / civilization games and never see a new game with so many new and good ideas. Even civilization games bring only one major gameplay improvement at each version (like empire boundary, strategic resources, city spawning limitation).

What I find the most enjoyable:
- Planet resources: it is great both in term of gameplay than in term of scenario. It makes you fell really in command of a ever hungry empire.
- "City spawning limitation": It is good that colonization and underdeveloped planets cost money. It forces you to think twice on what to colonize.
- Diplomacy: It is simply awesome. Bringing the good aspect of trading game card into a 4X.
- Artifacts and anomalies: It is really nice way to flesh the galaxy, making you happy to explore the galaxy to discover the one time boost or the big bonus you can trade with energy.

What can be improved from my point of view:
Research: Interface is less clear. Also, having one time boost in research seems redundant comparing to artifact and diplomacy. Also, it is strange to first accumulate research point and only after selecting a research. It would feel more natural to select a research and directly assign research point to it (not sure I am very clear).
Tutorial: It could be improved:
 - better explain the difference between beamship, gunship, ... 
 - civic pressure could be better presented, like showing which building is created automatically. If not, players will be confused as they could only build different building.

To sum up: Continue the great job, add some flesh and a good IA and you will make something great.  Maybe something that will influence the 4X as much as influence "master of orion 1&2" !