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As promised, here's a quick post to explain how to translate the game into a japanese locale.

A warning before we start: the game is unfinished, and the translation strings will change a lot in the future. If you choose to attempt translation, be aware that you may need to update your translated files frequently.

First, download this zip

The zip contains a copy of all the locale files, renamed as locales/japanese, simply copy them to the game folder to add it.

In order to use the language, go to Options -> Game and choose the language:

You will need to quit and restart the game afterwards to switch to the new language.

You will then be able to change the text to translate the game, but the game accepts UTF-8 only, so you will have to set your text editor to the UTF-8 encoding.

Is it just me or does menu.txt seem to lack an entry for "Tutorial" ?

That entry is in tutorial.txt :P

The places for the locale entries aren't always entirely logical, and I'm pretty sure there's some old text that needs pruning in there as well.

Thank you. Streamed down it and spread it to the Japanese at once.

The friend bought a game, too. Glad.

Some fonts are not yet displayed, but expect it when displayed if development advances.

I look forward to the development of the game.

I found a problem in Japanese translation. An italic font is not displayed. I submit an image.

I submit the Japanese translation data for the test. It is Google translation. This grammar is wrong, but is usable in an indication test.

I expect it for correspondence. I like Star Ruler2. A trade network between the fixed star. User interface. It is splendid that these two accord. A powerful diplomacy system. The wide study system of the choice. A flexible hull design. Early game progress. I like current design thought very much.


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