Author Topic: colony ships cheap?  (Read 464 times)


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colony ships cheap?
« on: July 13, 2012, 01:27:21 PM »
i usualy aim for a size 3 colony for my colony ships

for my home system i build a short range ship, what can be done with a size 8 ship - very small if you ask me.
the realy bad part here comes with a little tech - something like tech lvl 5-6 and you can build long range colony size 3 ship size 5 ships.

the lifesupport system seems to improve alot, maybe you can stop it from improving at all, or reduce the tech gain alot?
maybe make the colony-system more energy demanding in addition?

this will have only effects for colony ships - think i never had a larger lifesupport system, then the smallest possible on any military ship.
you get even a better combined lifesupport/control system later.

idk with how much population a colony starts out, but im sure its in the 100 thousends.
wouldnt it be reasonable that colonyships have to be a bit larger?
even when it is not in the costs, it could be in mass reduceing their speed.

idk how many free buildings you would get with the race pick, but with it you could build even smaller/cheaper/faster colony ships.

maybe make this pick stronger with increasing the costs/size needed for colony ships =)