Author Topic: Ship Limits Bug - Refit Problem - Ships disappear, Fleet designations lost  (Read 628 times)


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Game - Star Ruler (latest patch as of posting date) - Unmodded
Source - Download Purchase via Gamersgate

Bug 1 - When ships are under AI orders to Automatically Refit and the Game has a ship limit which has already been reached and if there are any ships left in any ques, ships seeking to refit will "disappear." I assume that the devs have coded it so ships are simply reconstructed instead of actually refitted, so the game takes these refitted ships as "new" and just zeros out their ques.

Bug 2+ - Also, when a ship is refitted under these conditions, any Fleet designation is lost. If it is the commanding ship of a fleet, the fleet itself is disbanded. I have not noticed this happening within the game with ship maximums not already reached, but I haven't really paid attention to it until now. (I don't remember seeing some Fleet's ships auto-refitting when the ship limit had not yet been reached, so that could also be either a bug or an undocumented feature.)

Problem 1 - With carrier ships carrying fighters, the ship limits bug plays havoc if the player is involved in heated combat with fighters being destroyed at a fair rate and with ships still in ques on planets and on drydocks around the Universe... It makes playing a game where you're trying to maximize your ship count by using fleets.... untidy.

Save game can be found here:

Some sort of fix for this would be appreciated, otherwise playing with ship limits, fleets and trying to make every ship count is very difficult if one doesn't watch their limit very closely, especially if fighters are involved and carriers have AI orders to replace them. (You won't easily know your ship count limit due to the way the ques for each sort of operation work.)