Author Topic: Auto-Retrofit Conflicts With Auto-Undocking  (Read 571 times)


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Auto-Retrofit Conflicts With Auto-Undocking
« on: November 03, 2012, 08:06:41 AM »
What was witnessed:
Built a large number of ships and stations to defend my systems. They have an "Automatically Dock" automation order assigned, and are set to automatically dock when no enemies are present, and do without issue. The planets they are docked in have the "manage docked" order. However when enemies appear in the system, they do not undock to engage.

After a fair bit of testing I have found that if you have the "automatically retrofit" order listed ABOVE the "automatically dock" order, the ships/stations will not undock with enemies present in the system. If you reverse the commands and have dock above retrofit, everything behaves normally. Other commands (such as Fetch) seem to be unaffected.

What was expected:
I was not expecting "automatically retrofit" to interfere in any way with the "automatically dock" order.

Reproduction Steps:
  • Start a game with at least 1 hostile enemy so you have an enemy scout in your system quickly to test with, do not destroy the scout!
  • Build an empty hull of some sort (Scale 1 recommended for speed of construction) set to dock with no enemies present.
  • Assign an automation order for auto docking and for auto retrofit, ensure docking is above retrofit.
  • Observe that after construction the ship(s)/station(s) will remain out if the scout has arrived at your system, or will deploy properly once it does.
  • Re-open the blueprint and re-save it to force the ship(s)/station(s) to retrofit, observe once more all works as intended.
  • Re-open the blueprint once more however now swap the order of the automations so that retrofit is above docking.
  • Save the blueprint with the changes to force a retrofit once more, and observe that the ship(s)/station(s) stay docked.
  • Repeat the swap once more if desired and note that everything returns to normal.

Extra Files:
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